Cloud App to Create Premium Website for Professionals in Service Sector

service2There are plenty of content management systems, blog softwares available on the internet. There are quite a few shopping cart softwares also available? What what would be an ideal software solution for your to start a business if you are a doctor, advocate, consultant, beautician or any other professional in service industry working independently? What would be the idea solution for you to showcase your services, with photos and videos and to fix appointments? Which application will be ideal to create a premium website for professionals in the service sector?

Well WordPress could be good idea! Though wordpress is known to be a good blogging software and a decent content management system, it is a bit too generic in nature! Unless you are really good in wordpress even making static content pages for advertising all your services won’t be an easy idea. Also getting the dynamic nature like fixing appointments, sending email alerts are not directly possible with wordpress or any other content management softwares.

So we need something very friendly and powerful specifically for the service industry. Here comes a solution from Nesote Technologies, the parent company of  most popular web scripting company The software solution is yet to be named by the Company but is expected to provide a total website solutions for all professionals such as doctors, consultants, beauticians, advocates etc. This software comes with a very handy SMS feature for the professionals to send automated appointment reminders, mass messaging etc.

Though the Company has not given much details about the products officially, it is understood, that this application will be provided in SaaS model and going to use much powerful Amazon AWS in the background, widely regarded as the best cloud application platform.


Expected Release

Though there is no official information available, the cloud application might be release in May 2014.

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