Parish Website | 3 Easy Steps

Parish Website – 3 Easy Steps to Build and Run a Parish Website

Are you looking to build a website for your Parish? Are you worried that you ignorance on building websites is going to cost you? If you are not from a technology background and yet want to create a website for your catholic church, there are a few things you need to be aware before moving forward. I would like to outline some easy and important steps for building and running your Parish Website below.

Parish Website

1) Choose the Software to Build Your Parish Website

You can build a parish website either by hiring a programmer, or by using any trusted cloud application like Though the traditional approach is outsourcing the programming works to a Company or an individual programmer, cloud applications like makes it very easy for any church to build their applications faster. Such apps, will take care of everything itself including the hosting. Most of these apps will register the domain name also for you. Anyway you may optionally register the domain name yourself if you would like to.

2) Add Initial Data to your Parish Website and Launch it.

Once you setup a website with or with the help of a programmer, you need to add initial data from the given admin area of the website. Launching the website without proper data added can be dangerous. Half build website is often counter effective as it will usually misguide people. Once you have added all data from your admin area, please verify everything and you can immediately launch it.

3) Frequently Update Your Parish Website

Once you have a parish website ready and running, you need to constantly update the news and contents of Parish Website. If you don’t maintain the data properly, the old data may misguide people. So you need to put efforts to update the contents of your website periodically, if possible once in every week. As you will be able to do this from your admin area, it is pretty easy job to update it frequently.

These are the most important 3 things you need to consider to build and run a parish website. Please post your comments, questions and suggestion in the comments area below.

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