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Customer_SupportI have experience with various internet organizations. While online technical support sucks for many of the online companies, some companies stand out of the crowd, providing excellent support. I would like to list some of such companies.

1) Amazon AWS

Out of many web hosting companies I have worked with the Technical support provided by Amazon AWS was outstanding. Amazon technical support is not FREE, but costs minimum $100/month for live chat, and tickets. Anyway if you are a serious developer working on some serious applications, subscribing to Amazon AWS support really worths. The support staffs are excellent and they will try to help you out on every matter. What I liked best in their support is, after every chat they send a summary with all the important points we discussed. We can save the summary for our future references.

2) Rackspace

Rackspace is another web hosting company who provide very good technical support. Their customer support team is 100% free, yet one of the most professional customer support you will find on internet. Most of the time we had good experience with the Company, though a couple of times they failed to understand our requirements.

3) Inout Scripts

One of the worlds largest PHP script Company, Inout Scripts is another good companies on internet who provides top technical support. Unlike many other scripting companies, Inout Scripts has various quality softwares which works on advanced technologies like Hadoop and Hypertable. In fact, at present Inout Scripts is the ONLY company who provides PHP scripts based on Hadoop and Hypertable environment. The technical support provided by the Company makes it easy to understand the complex architecture of scalable applications. Their staffs are always keen to resolve your issues rather than just procrastinate to resolve customer issues. Unlike other Companies, you will get an Agent in Inout scripts who will be responsible to help you in all matter related to your script. Since the agent knows your requirements in and out, he/she will be able to provide a much faster and accurate support.

4) BuyCPanel

BuyCpanel seems to be a marketing division of the famous control panel website As they do not sell their softwares on a monthly payment basis directly from cPanel, they maintain another website from where they sell the software on a per month licensing model. Though BuyCPanel doesn’t come with live chat technical support, their email support is really good. Usually you will get response in 5 minutes.

All these companies are in connection with internet technologies and web hosting. If you have some real good experience with any other technology Company, please share your experiences below in the comments section.

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