Google Clone Script – A Practical Guide

Google Clone Script - A Practical GuideMany of us, may have tried to build a search engine based on search engine scripts or google clone scripts. This article intent to give you on useful information on working with a google clone script. To build a google clone, you need to first choose the best google clone script.  You also need to use a good search engine theme. Your hosting company preferences can also be very important based on the google clone script you have chosen. Below I will try to give you a practical idea on various components for launching your own search engine service online.

Choosing the Right Type of  Google Clone Script

Google clone scripts are of two kinds

Meta Search Engine Scripts

It will use the results DBs of third party search engines to present the results in a friendly way. It will not do the much complicated world wide web search.

Search Engines like Inout Search Engine , K Search are popular meta search engine scripts. Inout Search Engine works on Legal API keys of major search engines which enables you to run a completely legal mea search engine service.

Search Engine Scripts with Integrated Crawler/Bots

Another type of search engine/ google clone scripts, are designed to build more like big search engines which includes the crawling/search bot logic also along with the result display logic. These kind of search engines are powerful, but expensive in nature. You need to have some kind of architecture understanding also.

Sphider and Inout Spider are search engines of this nature. Sphider is an old system that works on PHP an MySQL, where Inout Spider is developed on a powerful search engine architecture that can support distributed computing and distributed data handling. Inout Spider is widely regarded as the best complete search engine script currently available built in the architecture of Google/Bing.

You may also have a look on another article written by me, on this subject. Google Clone – Technology and Architecture Guide, gives you a detailed idea on how to build a reliable search engine service.

Choosing the Right Theme for your Google Clone Script

Just buying the software need not be enough! Sometimes if you do not want to use the default look of the software, you may order a theme/template. You can get your own designer to get your search engine script designed.

Deploying in the Right Server

Depending on which search engine/ google clone script type you have chosen you may need to buy the right hosting. For example, most of the meta search engines like K Search, Inout Search Engine will work on a standard shared hosting environment, crawler engines like Inout Spider, may require much more powerful machines.

Softwares like Inout Spider are designed to work on much powerful distributed environment, and it is always recommended that you choose a hosting company that can provide you nodes in a single network in future if necessary. It can help you to scale you data storage and computation capacity of your search engine as you need it.


By Google clone, I do not mean an exact google clone, The term Google is used as a synonym for ‘search engine’. This article is indented to help you create a standard search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc.

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